Posted by: tgrevatt | February 12, 2011

An English-Canadian (Wo)Man in New York

I recently had the good fortune to spend a week in Manhattan attending Social Media Week: NYC. Here are a few of my observations:

  • New Yorkers are masters of jaywalking and nothing matches the indignation of a jaywalker confronted by a driver.
  • The grid system and bus transit rocks for out of towners getting around, bus routes are cross-town or up-down town and named by the street they are on.
  • Go eat breakfast in the smaller, grittier looking delis and cafes not the fancy tourist traps. Prices are better, food tastier and you get to interact with the little old Italian New Yorker guys with the brash manners.
  • Contrary to television/movie representation the locals are very helpful and friendly. Complete strangers helped me at the subway, and I struck up conversations with all sorts of interesting folks.
  • Catching a cab at shift change and/or trying to go in an inconvenient direction for the cabbie makes it difficult to pick up a lift (the Mayor has designated that some streets do not allow turns at peak traffic periods).
  • Travelling with dietary restrictions is a complete pain in the a$$. Carry a stash of emergency snacks and plan extra time to find places where you can eat.
  • Asking shops/restaurants if they have food that accommodates your food sensitivities can be a demoralising experience.
  • Subway ticket machines require you to enter a Zipcode to use a credit card. Not great for international travelers.
  • Comfy shoes are a girl’s best friend, but oh how I admired the folks striding along in the stylish stiletto boots.
  • Cupcakes are everywhere. What the heck is the fascination with cupcakes?
  • New Yorkers are as obsessed with dog ownership as the Parisians and sadly the sidewalks reflect this.
  • There is a pharmacy on every corner.
  • You can get anything and everything delivered at anytime of day or night.

  • Responses

    1. Sounds like a fantastic week, can hardly wait to hear all about it.

    2. Thanks Laurel! It was a busy and interesting adventure. Today I am still in pjs and lazing on my couch to recharge – a bit of a contrast.

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