Posted by: tgrevatt | June 24, 2010

Ahhh, so that was an earthquake….

We’re really lucky in Ottawa, nothing too alarming on an environmental front seems to happen here (at least since the ice storm which I wasn’t here for or a big snow dump) so we can get pretty complacent.
At 1:41pm on Wed June 23 the weirdest thing happened – I was sitting at home, pottering on my computer and waiting for the Germany game to start (to see if England would be playing them next, groan, yes we are) when a bloody awful rumbling noise started that increased in intensity, my AC remote fell down the stairwell with a crash and the rumbling continued to increase. Not being from an active earthquake zone I didn’t immediately realise that it was one but my befuddled brain really didn’t have an answer either. It wasn’t a Donny Darko plane engine falling moment and to be honest sounded like there were ten huge, off-balance washing machines dancing across my roof.
As the rumbling and shaking intensified I took shelter under my dining room table (plenty of company down there from the dust bunnies, oopsie). Eventually it abated, I went outside to confirm that others (and not just crazy ol’ me) had experienced it. And then I tweeted… no cell phone coverage but twitter confirmed that it was felt across the city. My hands were shaking and legs were jelly – I think because of the unknown – and they took a while to return to normal.

Lessons: yup, I probably should prepare an archive of important documents (I still haven’t done that – have you?) and I’m happy not to be in a high rise.

What was your experience of Ottawa Trembles 2010?


  1. Yes, we were rocking and rolling in our office too! We’ve had smaller rumblers, but that was a good deal larger than anything in some time.

    Glad you got to experience it, as my friend in So-Cal said “enjoy the ride”.

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