Posted by: tgrevatt | February 11, 2010

New and super groovy functionality – event listing feed from Betidings into WordPress RSS feed

Oh boy!! Today I am bouncing off the walls with glee! We’ve cracked integrating a calendar from Betidings – our social calendar tool – into WordPress. In fact, it’s an RSS atom feed so it’ll work with any RSS reader.

Quick and dirty instructions here – if you’ve got a blog and want an easy way to add an event list to it, try this out. All you need is a Betidings account for your own calendar – add or share events into your calendar then copy the calendar url into the url entry field of your RSS feeder and append the url with ‘.atom’. Hit save and bingo a feed of the next 10 upcoming events in your calendar. And don’t forget that for now you can also import/export calendars with a Google Calendar account.

Here’s the neat stuff – when you hover over the event, you’ll see a summary and date/time, when you click on the event you’ll be taken to the external event url you listed in Betidings – we’re trying to be plumbing not drive you to Betidings. If there is no external url, it’ll go to the event listing in Betidings.

You can check out how it works by looking at the list on the right. Hurrah! And thanks to my fabulous tech guy for working the magic!

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