Posted by: tgrevatt | December 27, 2009

Conquering the elements

In the best tradition of an Ottawa Christmas the freezing rain arrived today. Urghhh! What we really needed was more snow to top up the ski trails up in the Gats – they’re getting a bit thin and patchy. Managed a short ski on Christmas day as per the tradition which is now at 9yrs, I think. Conditions were slow and the weather misty and damp, scenic in a dull, grey kind of a way.

The freezing rain started early this morn, so I lurked inside all day. Finished the enormous new Stephen King novel, Under the Dome (why do I feel so depressed when I finish a good book and don’t have another one lined up? Does it happen to others?), mooched around the house, and started climbing the walls by 7pm. Nothing for it, I had to get my run in. Far better at 7pm, than the 11pm dose of madness that roused me from my bed on Tuesday eve – yes, in terms of goal setting the Slowtwitch 100 runs in 100 days challenge seems to have lit a fire under my proverbial @$$.

Tonight’s run was, apart from the soggy feet, quite magical. The branches were heavy with ice and the streets eerily quiet. I chugged around my 4km loop and smugly posted on Twitter that I had showed the freezing rain just who was boss. So what allowed my to go out and run safely with good footing? Here’s a pic of my favourite emergency training gear for freezing rain days – my Get a Grip Advanced ice grips

And here’s a pic from my Christmas ski – just a few km along the Gatineau Parkway from P6/McKenzie King. Slow snow conditions (coupled with my poor skiing skills) but still nice to get out there.


  1. Good for you Treena!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and 2010 will be an awesome year for you!

  2. Hey Treena, just reading this now and wondering…. how do those Get a Grips work on dry pavement? My biggest problem with ice grippers is being terrified of sliding around when I hit a dry patch…

    • Hi there Josee – the Get a Grips work really well, they are quite small tungsten carbide tips and I have never had any trouble on bare, dry pavement. They are fairly low profile and not really felt through my shoes either. I haven’t tried the ones that work on a spiral of wire as grips, I’d be nervous of those ones on dry pavement. I’ve used my get a grips on steep, mountainous trails and they worked great. They have size small in stock at Westboro Shoe Repair on Roosevelt.

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