Posted by: tgrevatt | December 15, 2009

Getting antsy for a new goal/adventure

The itch is coming back. Finally, after a year of injuries, low sporting motivation and general athletic apathy, I am getting antsy for a new adventure/challenge. Perhaps I blame Ray Zahab, who spoke inspiringly at TEDxOttawa about his transformation to ultra-runner extraordinaire. Or perhaps I blame my friends who continue to push their physical limits with yoga challenges, new schooling, trips to the Arctic and Ironman races. But whatever the attribution, the time has come to get back into a routine of physical challenge.

I went x-c skiing twice this weekend, the first outings of the season were humbling, as ever, but I relished the aches that come with leg muscles well used. Curse driving a manual though!

This is right on schedule for me, every two years I need to do something that adds a new story for my old age. Two summers ago I completed my first half iron distance duathlon, it was a great year of achievement, but I probably overdid things and paid for it last year.

So folks, help me work out what my next adventure is…current thinking is use the year to prep for something particularly exciting in 2011 (one of those milestone birthday years, eek).


  1. Treena, what ever it is you decide to do, you will excel!

    I’m up for a snowshoe or xc ski this winter if you don’t mind me tagging along!!!


    • I would love to get a ski/snowshoe in. Need more snow for snowshoeing but skiing is coming along. Are you around over the break? Or are there any interesting trails near you?

      How’re your thoughts shaping up for next year?

      It’s exciting getting into scheming mode, that’s for sure. Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. I could snow shoe as well, but I’m not sure I could keep up with either of you. I’m itching to do stuff as well…

    I have this dreaded feeling I’m back at square one.

    • Hi Nat – I’m pretty much at square one too, 20lbs up on my lowest recent weight, still nursing a couple of injuries. Ran super slow today and it did feel good.

      I’m sensing a great excuse for getting some lovely people in my life out on snowshoes. No soul left behind so nothing outrageous. (I’ve learned to be nice to snowshoeing friends and not point them at Luskville Falls on the first outing!).

      Hope you are ok for that wee run over the hols at some point too, nice and gentle tho’.

  3. I’m in for x-country skiing, snowshoeing etc.

    But for a goal – how about downhill? Blue mogul run at Tremblant, no stopping. Good challenge as it’s fairly long and is moguls without a break and will get your legs and core working hard.

    • Hi Cate – I’m quite ‘meh’ about downhill I’m afraid. Bit stressful fiscally and I need to nail the cardio this winter. But if I was more proficient I’d enjoy it more for sure. Conditions are usually a bit icy around here and that makes it less fun. Maybe game for a little of it, but most likely to work on the running/skiing/snowshoeing. Can’t wait to introduce you to the huts in the Gats, ski in, eat and drink yummy stuff, slide home! Magical.

      • That modul run = serious cardio! 🙂 but I’m up for anything that makes winter bearable so just keep me posted!

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