Posted by: tgrevatt | November 14, 2009

Treena’s Law – a light-hearted observation from the dating trenches

So these days I hear an awful lot about the Golden Rule (one of the main tenets of Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion). Rightly so, we should never forget it – whatever our religious or spiritual beliefs. The Golden Rule regards reciprocity of justice – and is often written as ‘do unto others as you wish others to do to you’.

This is important stuff, but today I present to you a light-hearted universal law – inspired by my experiences and a myriad of my friends. It always raises a smile and can perhaps be considered one of those universal laws of dating and attraction. I shall use the language of a dear friend, with most recent practical experience. The law goes like this ‘if you wear nice underwear, shave legs and pits, the odds of getting laid are practically zero. If you are badly in need of maintenance inevitably you will find this being revealed – to one’s initial mortification.’ This law is closely related to Bridget Jones’ law of granny-pants, which works in a similar, and equally embarrassing way. I think we can postulate an inverse relationship between preparation time/effort (or practicality/comfort of undies) and probability of success. Similar to this is the law that the messier your house, the more likely you are to have an unexpected visitor.



  1. Sounds like karma…

  2. What a great Sunday morning read, thanks for the giggles.

    all I can say is, so true, so true!

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