Posted by: tgrevatt | November 9, 2009

Laughter is serious business

I’m a big fan of Twitter. It works as a huge filter of information, depositing tens of interesting links to me daily. Someone else has gone to all the trouble of finding and filtering them and I reap the benefit of stumbling upon something I would never read otherwise. This evening a new article from Harvard Business Review Online came across my Tweetdeck.

Social intelligence and the biology of leadership‘ by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis continues on the earlier themes of mirroring from Goleman’s social intelligence books but adds data tying them to the behaviours of successful leaders. They found that the manner of delivery of a message affected the mirror neurons of the receiving team member and that negative feedback delivered with positive emotional signals resulted in feeling better than when negative signals such as frowns were used. They advise that to get results, make demands in a way that fosters positive feelings in your teams. It’s not what you ask for, but how you ask for it. Top and mid performing leaders elicited much more laughter from their subordinates. A great read for anyone interested in the role of social intelligence in the workplace.



  1. I’m all over this sort of thing…
    It also works if you are talking to someone for the first time … mimic what they do it puts them at ease. (It’s how you know if someone’s into you as well, they’ll do what you do… )

    (If you’re going to visit my blog go read Waspagedon… skip the last two posts full of self-loathing.)

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