Posted by: tgrevatt | November 8, 2009

Musings of a new blog owner, day 2

Well, the euphoria of the blog creation from yesterday wore off by the morning. I admired my new blog, sitting there in all it’s puppy-like eagerness just begging to be updated. Rather annoying really – it just served to amplify my angst about writing. What could I possibly write about? Well, I’ve always been on an interesting path and now is no different – except at the moment the path is unpaved, unsigned and possibly about to involve a good bushwhack. You see, I’m trying to work out what my next adventure will be – there’s one in mind that is particularly exciting and scary – and I’m trying to do all that terribly important reflecting upon my skills and passions, etc. Of course, this is utterly excruciating for an English person to do, but I gain immense pleasure and satisfaction about helping other people do the same things. Funny that.

So I lazed on the couch, feeling increasingly guilty about my inability to go out for a run on International Running Day – the tweets kept coming in from all the sprightly souls in the city who had managed to go out, grrr. It was an exquisite day, that I shouldn’t &*%$ away so I got cracking. Would you believe the difference it makes cleaning the patio windows!? Doh, why did I wait (cough) 18 months to do that? Leaves got raked, cupboards got tidied and still the blog sat. No inspiration came.

I am blessed with many diverse, creative and skilled friends. I grabbed one and we went for a sunset stroll along the Ottawa River. I’m happy not to live next door to the hundred of honking geese settling down for the evening, noisy buggers, but the sunset was lovely (no pics, not organised enough to remember camera yet). Anyway, we got chatting and the ideas came tumbling out. A little encouragement and brainstorming and I’ve got a list of topics that have been stewing for awhile, just waiting for a little nudge.

The blog now has a name. A bimble is one of those delightful, slowly paced meanders that you can take when you have no time pressures, or are feeling a little whimsical. I am fond of bimbling, but don’t often slow down and actually go on one – always rushing here and there, setting and achieving goals and forgetting to pause for reflection. So here’s hoping for more bimbling.



  1. Blogging is a hit and miss, meandering / musings of inane or not so inane from the gut renderings…

    in other words, whatever the f$*###k you feel like writing about! LOL…welcome to the crazy world of ramblings….

    bimble along, the world is just waiting for you!


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