Posted by: tgrevatt | November 8, 2009

Lessons from having a blog – day 1

Aarrghhhh! Ok, so now I know the difference between and All good stuff, but I wanted the shiny plug-ins that twinkle so enticingly on the grown-up blogs that I read. But baby steps are probably best, so I’ll work with what is here. Changed themes and got stuck with a particularly unfriendly interface for editing – really didn’t expect the under the hood pieces to change with the theme. Got exasperated with trying to select, upload, and crop a custom header so will live with this for the time being. Best for my sanity that way. Time to chill out, I’m getting cranky.



  1. Hi Treena – kudos to you for getting this started! I’m sure you’ve seen @Dave_Ferguson on Twitter….back in July (!) I had a nice call with him, and he showed me the ins & outs of starting a blog. I have actually never met Dave personally, but follow his stream on Twitter and we connected that way (I love Twitter stories like that!) You’ve given me the nudge to work on my blog a bit…but until then, keep at it! You’ve made it this far! The inspiration will come!! 🙂 I look forward to reading!!

  2. Mary – thank you for the encouragement and I wish you well with progress on your own blog. I must confess that a head spinning with thoughts of posts is enjoyable and the good thing about blogging is the freedom to choose the post topics. I enjoy following Dave. I love the way that folks on Twitter are so happy to share and help.
    Happy writing!

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